Morgan Bain

Perth singer Morgan Bain has won three West Australian Music Industry Awards for his incredible voice and has a mantelpiece full of international songwriting awards. Bain’s voice is a standout, thanks to his sweet-yet-smoky timbre, the perfection of his melodies, and the shadowy tones to his delivery.

His latest single, Summed It Up, finds Morgan Bain in impeccable form. Built around an impossibly catchy, bitter-sweet chorus, Summed It Up undulates from delicate, gentle moments to full power within a breath. Beautifully produced by Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe, Meg Mac, Little Birdy), Summed It Up is the first single from Morgan Bain’s hotly-anticipated second (as yet unnamed) EP.

Morgan Bain is easily one of the world’s most promising new talents, leading a vanguard of artists who are taking music from where it is, to where it is going to be.

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